33*00 Lighted Beverage Holders - Electrical Harness


Lighted Beverage Holders - Electrical Harness

This Lighted Beverage Holder has a 12-inch harness for installation and attachment to your vehicle's electrical system.

Available colors are:
Blue, Red, White, Green & Gold.
Please specify your color choice when ordering.  White is in VERY limited supply.

2 Piece Set Includes:

Lighted Beverage Holder:
* 304-grade polished and passivated SST trim ring over the top of the lip on the beverage holder, outlines LED light to flow to the sides, illuminating the beverage holder’s lip
* Soft light for evening use
* 16-gauge wire harness for direct installation to electrical system
* 2 exterior grooves parallel to top lip - 1/2"down, 3/4" down - to hold locking "O" ring for secure installation
* Drain system accommodates either 5/8" or 3/8" hose attachment
* Caulking groove under lip
* UV-enhanced foam insulator pad adhered to inside bottom
* Made from opaque polymer material and acrylics

2-Stage Rubber Cup Insulator:
* Optional full form 2-step high UV-molded rubber insulator fits tight within the Lighted Beverage Holder
* Rubber tabs secure beverages; allows for easy cleaning

Installation Notes:
See dimensions

Shipping to the 48 contiguous state only.

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